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Let’s do it for ME! | Supporting Invest in ME charity in raising funds for biomedical research.

Let’s do it for ME is a patient-driven campaign to raise awareness and vital funds for a centre of excellence for translational biomedical ME research at the University of East Anglia. The centre will provide clinical assessment, diagnosis and treatment for patients and training and information for healthcare staff and work collaboratively with international biomedical researchers. The campaign was set up and is run by ME sufferers who want the findings of high quality research to result in a better understanding of the underlying pathology and in the development of appropriate treatments. Read more.

Let’s do it for ME! | Supporting Invest in ME charity in raising funds for biomedical research..

Let’s do it for ME raises funds for registered charityInvest in ME.


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March 20, 2013 at 8:21 pm

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I am sharing this blog because it is very important that people realise that this Government is not working for the public good in my opinion. Please share the original blog by ‘Scriptonitedaily’. Thank you

Scriptonite Daily


UK Chancellor George Osborne took today waved a red box full of broken promises at the country’s 99%.   Here are some key points of the budget and the litany of failures to date which have made the rich richer by making the poor poorer.

Cleaning up the Mess Left by Labour


There was a mess left by Labour; but it wasn’t too many nurses and teachers, decent pensions and pay for public sector workers or a welfare state that took care of those in need.  The mess left by Labour was a deregulated financial market, a bloated banking sector, an unprecedented erosion of our civil liberties, illegal foreign invasions, and costly privatisations of our public services to profit making private providers.

This was the mess that led us to a crisis of the banking sector, and an over indebted public purse which snapped with the Bankers Bailout.  The…

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dx revision watch

‘Somatic Symptom Disorder’ – the most ubiquitous mental health diagnosis you never heard of

Lead psychiatrist for DSM-IV voices opposition to DSM-5’s new ‘catch-all’ criteria in BMJ, today

Post #229 Shortlink:

Update: Rapid Responses to the BMJ article can be read here:

The opinion piece published under BMJ’s “Personal View” section, on Wednesday, is now featured in this week’s “Editor’s Choice”:

Editor’s Choice
US Editor’s Choice

DSM-5 and the rough ride from approval to publication

BMJ2013;346doi: (Published 22 March 2013)

Edward Davies, US news and features editor, BMJ

Update: Media coverage for BMJ article:

Times of India

Eat or surf a lot? You risk being labelled mentally ill

Malathy Iyer, TNN | Mar 24, 2013

…Earlier this week, American psychiatrist Allen Frances, who helped devise the fourth edition of the manual (DSM-IV), lashed out against the new installment in the British Medical Journal. “It risks mislabelling a sizeable number…

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Thom Bartley

I remember being a little kid and speaking to my Mom.

“Mom, I’m never leaving home”

“Ah you’ll want to leave me at one point”

“No Mom I love you too much, I’m never leaving”

“Well you’re not going to want to stick around in Wolverhampton for the rest of your life, you’re better than that.”

“I will Mom, I never want to leave.”

This attitude continued for a while. Once I went on a cub scout camp for two days and cried because I missed home so much. The same happened when I went to France with school when I was 11. I could never imagine leaving home, Wolverhampton was where I wanted to be.

I don’t know exactly when my mind-set changed but change it did.

I went to a normal run of the mill secondary school in Dudley. It was just very normal, painfully normal. It was…

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Short Blogs for the Distracted.........

My World…..


Its isolated

its mainly the four walls of my room

its the loss of every conceivable hope dwindling before my eyes

its fraught with lies and deceit

its all about money and power they conspire together to cheat us


My Life…..


its a cacophony of despair and disappointment

its fear and trepidation

its endless pain and exasperation

its constant anger and frustration with despair


My Dreams….


its to live again in this world

its to go for long walks along the shoreline

its to go paragliding on the warm thermals looking down on the world

its to sail the warm waters of the azure’s

its good i have my dreams for they keep me safe in a very uncertain world….

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