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Human Rights denied: Something rotten in the state of Denmark: Update 1

The Petition on Change.Org

dx revision watch

Post #257 Shortlink:
Clarification notice
Reports and updates on Dx Revision Watch site on the Hansen family’s situation are being published as provided by, and in consultation with, Rebecca Hansen, Chairman, ME Foreningen, Danmark (ME Association, Denmark), or edited from reports as provided by Ms Hansen.
Dx Revision Watch site has no connection with any petitions or initiatives, or with any social media platforms or other platforms set up to promote petitions or initiatives, or to otherwise raise awareness of the Hansen family’s situation. The use of any links to content on Dx Revision Watch does not imply endorsement of, or association with any initiatives other than the ME Foreningen, Danmark (ME Association, Denmark) Postcard to Karina Campaign.
All enquiries in relation to petitions or other initiatives, social media platforms, or any other platforms associated with them should be addressed directly to the organizers, sponsors or owners responsible for…

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May 28, 2013 at 11:10 am

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Artist Taxi Driver talks to a Firefighter

Mark McGowan interviews a firefighter and talks about privatisation of the fire service and the cuts that are happening right now threatening the lives of firefighters and the public.

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May 20, 2013 at 11:25 am

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Teesha Moore inspired Fabric Journal

I watched Teesha Moore’s 4 part video tutorial on fabric journals a few weeks ago and was inspired to make one of my own.
I used all recycled materials apart from the paper which is actually lining paper for decorating…so it’s sortof recycled lol.
There’s a few embellishments including some simple wirework and old jewellery.
I will likely add some sort of closure to this journal but I haven’t decided yet whether it needs it.
I learned a lot making this journal and will definitely be making more…but probably smaller ones.

Thank you to Teesha for her wonderful inspirations.

Teesha Moore video 1

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May 19, 2013 at 3:24 pm

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Now then! This is a completely new sewing techniques to me and I hope to you too.

It’s called ‘Slashing’ and the person I have first seen using it is someone called Fay Maxwell. She makes the most amazing wall hangings and bags with this technique.

It incorporates scraps of materials and as Fay suggests “Reach into your scrap bin with your eyes closed and just use whatever you bring out. It’s guaranteed to work!”

I’ll be trying this soon! Will you?

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May 12, 2013 at 2:02 pm

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ME Awareness Day from Tymes Trust.

Tymes Trust ME Awareness

There will be a twitter Q&A conversation between 3 and 5pm today (12th May) To join in use hashtag #AskTT or tweet to @JaneCColby

The following is a statement from Tymes Trust for ME

It includes both: 


Tymes Trust Alert 2013-05
Message from Jane
12 May 2013


Follow Jane on Twitter @JaneCColby
or read her tweets at





Greetings everyone!

For ME Awareness Day we have published an ME Awareness booklet
summarising our view of how things stand in 2013. If you have joined the
Trust you'll have received a printed copy by post. It's now also online

The booklet covers:

* Unsuitable regimes - Families have the right to decline

* Research - What causes ME?

* ME v CFS - Dr Byron Hyde and Professor Bruce Carruthers

* Child Protection Implications - Severity or chronicity trigger

* Fatigue Clinics are not ME Clinics - The 'fatigue' model

* Managing Education and School - Webinar for Local Authorities, schools,

* Seb's Awareness Spread with a rhyme to complete - and Gregory's
  Poohsticks, another jolly picture for colouring.

We have also updated our Quick Tour of ME, here:

Available as a printed 3-fold leaflet, the Quick Tour summarises ME, its
symptoms and management in an easily digestible form.

Q&A on ME Awareness Day

My Twitter followers will be taking part in another Q&A session today.
They will tweet their questions to @JaneCColby using the hashtag #AskTT
from 3-5pm. If you don't use Twitter, you can still check out my tweets

We have recently issued a statement which you may have seen on various
internet forums. Here is your own copy, for reference.


The Young ME Sufferers Trust is issuing this statement to clarify our
reasons for not accepting an invitation to the launch of the UK CFS/ME
Research Collaborative in London on 22nd April 2013. We will not be
participating in the Collaborative.

Key issues

* Our research priority

This Collaborative is continuing down the chronic fatigue route. By
contrast, our priority is to end the confusion of including ME (myalgic
encephalomyelitis), understood for decades by microbiologists as a
persistent viral infection, under the umbrella term of CFS (chronic
fatigue syndrome) which mixes patient cohorts and confounds definitions,
research and treatment.

Good quality biomedical research, relevant to ME, is vital. We ourselves
co-funded such a study which showed blood abnormalities in children,
consistent with a persistent viral infection. Our research priority is
for enteroviral studies. Years of research by virologist Dr John Chia of
the Enterovirus Foundation is validating ME as a persistent viral
infection; his work on 'CFS/ME' should surely be repeated in the UK
under ME criteria, for it could be that, in future, vaccinations and
antiviral drugs will be effective.

* The Collaborative Charter

We would never sign up to such a Charter. This Charter, which
Collaborative members must adhere to, contains 'gagging' clauses which
appear to us to equate legitimate criticism and concern for patients
with harassment. In our view it is intimidatory and entirely against

* Charities

We believe that charities signing up to this Collaborative and its
Charter are repeating the mistakes of history, some examples of which
are detailed in our address to the Scottish Cross Party Parliamentary
Group on ME in 2004. You can find this address here:

* Direction

Back in 1996, the national charities of the time rolled over and
accepted the term 'CFS' as a result of the Royal Colleges Report, where
the lead was taken by the psychiatrists. Subsequent events have proved
that it is unwise to compromise on one's principles, and the Trust will
never do that.

The Young ME Sufferers Trust


Let's all stand together in continuing to spread awareness of ME and as
always, the Trust will do its best to assist you in your own situation.

All our good wishes


Jane Colby FRSA
Executive Director
The Young ME Sufferers Trust
PO Box 4347, Stock, Essex, CM4 9TE
Tel: 0845 003 9002

Holder of The Queen's Award for Voluntary Service:
The MBE for Volunteer Groups


To unsubscribe, send an email via the website Contact Us form.


You are welcome to redistribute or reprint this email without
seeking our permission provided: 1) you do not abbreviate, add
to, or change the text in any way; 2) the authorship information
is retained; and 3) is credited as the source.

Jane Colby is Executive Director of The Young ME Sufferers Trust.
She was a Headteacher for nine years, a member of the government
Chief Medical Officer's Working Group on CFS/ME and co-authored
ME/CFS In UK Schools, the largest epidemiological study of ME to
date. She is a life member of the National Association of Head Teachers
and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.

Copyright (c) 2013 The Young ME Sufferers Trust

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This Is What Austerity Looks Like – First Suicide Due To Bedroom Tax Reported

Heartbreaking 😦

the void

Stephanie-BottrillThe welfare reform death toll has risen by one more tragic victim the Sunday People is reporting.  The papers says:

Ten days ago Stephanie Bottrill sat in the redbrick terrace house which had been home for 18 years to write notes to her loved ones, the Sunday People reports .

She ripped the pages from a spiral-bound notebook and placed them neatly in little brown envelopes.

There was one for her son. Another for her daughter. Her mother. Friends. And a very special one for the year-old grandson she doted on.

Then in the early hours of last Saturday Stephanie, 53, left her home for the last time, leaving her cat Joey behind as the front-door clicked shut.

She crossed her road in Meriden Drive, Solihull, to drop one of her letters and her house keys through a neighbour’s letterbox. Then she walked 15 minutes through the sleeping estate…

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Sad Cat Diary

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Whoever said Labour has no policies: Prepare to be embarrassed!

Mike Sivier's blog

This is turning into a very bad weekend to be a Conservative.

The Nasty Party has lost control of 10 councils, with hundreds of councillors unseated. Its claims about people on benefits are falling flat when faced with the facts. It has fallen foul of UK and EU law with its fake psychometric test, which turned out to have been stolen from the USA. Its claim that Labour has no policies has proved to be utterly unfounded.

… What was that last one again?

Yes, you must have heard at least one Tory on telly, rabidly barking that Labour can’t criticise the Coalition if it doesn’t have any policies of its own. Those people were not telling the truth – even though they probably thought they were (poor deluded fools).

I am indebted to Michael Meacher MP, for posting information on the following in his own blog. He lists Labour…

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2013 MEASLES NEWS: The UK’s Fake Welsh Measles Epidemic – Only 8 Cases Confirmed For March – 302 Wrongly Diagnosed and “Notified” By Docs

____________________Child Health Safety_________________

[ED: CHECK OUTUPDATE MEASLES UK 2013 – Health Officials in Tail-Spin Over Vastly Hyped Claims of Welsh Measles Epidemic – BBC Removes False Claims from Website – ADDED 12 May 2013 @ 0400 UTC/00:00 EST/05:00 GMT]


UPDATE 13/5/13 – April figures:

We stated on May 3, when this article was posted

.. if the figures for April are wildly different, you will know for sure someone is not telling it as it is.”

We were 100% right.

Public Health Wales own figures of confirmed measles cases to the end of March 2013 were 8 for the whole of Wales:

All Wales surveillance of laboratory confirmed infections – CDSC Wales monthly report – Report date: Tue 02 Apr 2013 – Data to end of week: 2013 Week 13

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