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A couple of weeks ago I went with my husband to Edinburgh and with the help of my trusty mobility scooter we had a lovely afternoon going around the Botanical Gardens. It was so wonderful to be somewhere we hadn’t been to in such a long time. It was once a favoured place for us to wander round on our Wedding Anniversary…we’re wild and crazy like that.

You see feeding squirrels, having a little picnic and enjoying nature around us is something we both adore so it’s perfect for us really. 

We then popped by Arthur’s Seat…a majestic mountain right in the heart of the city…somewhere very special to us. As we sat in the van I gazed longingly at the multitude of people walking and jogging along the pavement that encircles the Seat and many even climbing to the crags and hillside. How wonderful to be so healthy and full of energy.

At the bottom there’s a little craggy outcrop and in a spur of wild abandon I decided to walk the 50 yards or so along a little dirt path and climb the little piece of rock, It was my mountain that day…I felt wonderful that I was well enough right then to achieve such a thing and even though the past two weeks I have been in such terrible pain and feeling so exhausted at times it’s hard to even make it to the bathroom nevermind consider walking those few yards again…I’d do it again in a heartbeat.

I was alive that day instead of the half existence that my illness…ME…subjects me to.

So many ups and downs to deal with in this roller-coaster life. But sometimes it’s worth the risk and the payback to just heal the soul using energy I have so little to spare. So many have none and I honestly do think of all my beautiful friends at times like those and wish they could be right there by my side.

Those of us with ME are living a half existence really until a cause and a cure is found for us. There’s nothing really offered in the way of treatment and we’re all in our varying degrees of severity just hanging on and longing for someone to find that way back to health for us.

So while we wait…some of us campaign and promote awareness. My whole reason for this blog really. Most of the time i don’t have the energy to write anything…I just share stuff I read elsewhere and then other times I can’t even do that…BUT…yesterday something happened that I’m not seeing being reported anywhere with any degree of passion in the M.E. World…especially Facebook.

It involves the husband (Harvey) of Annette Whittemore, founder of the Whittemore Peterson institute in the USA. The WPI was at the centre of ME research several years ago mainly because of the work of Dr Judy Mikovits and her work on retroviral links to ME.

Sadly it all went wrong and it’s too complicated to explain here but it involved arrests, court cases, bankruptcy and a lot of bad feeling in the M.E. Community. Do a Google search and you’ll have your eyes opened to how it all panned out.

But as I said Harvey Whittemore was sentenced to 24 months in Jail, which you can read why here in the Reno Gazette Journal. A faraway crime in a distant land by a very powerful and highly influential lobbyist. But it does, in my eyes have implications upon the world of M.E. and who is involved in research these days. Something I believe everyone who has an interest in M.E. research should know about.

So…I climbed my mountain this month and Harvey Whittemore fell from his.

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October 1, 2013 at 11:23 pm

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