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Food Banks: Christians and Tories.

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Ipswich Unemployed Action.

The growth of Food Banks has caught public attention. Increasingly the low levels of unemployment and other benefits means people have come to reply on the free food they provide.

The DWP even gives out vouchers for Food Bank charity.

The Guardian reports this week on their increasingly important role. It recommends ways to help Food Banks.

Instead of seeing, rightly, this as a problem, a source of shame that a rich country like the UK cannot afford enough money to feed those on benefits, the government has chosen to attack “high” rates of dole for the “feckless” poor.

It is doubtful if the well-off giving food parcels will help solve the real difficulties of poverty

Undoubtably many of those offering goods to Food Banks and running the service have high ideals.

But they are making the poor dependent on the good will of Charity.

There are religious and political issues as well (Hat-Tip

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Written by carolecarrick

December 24, 2013 at 11:05 am

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I’m walking by the sea,
The ground is firm beneath my feet and the salty breeze feels fresh upon my face.
Little waves lap upon the shore and I contemplate how my life feels good.
Suddenly the earth becomes soft and I stumble…I fall.
I lay there on the sandy grass and feel a little lost for a while.
I pick myself up and look down to see the ground is smooth and firm.
I stare down, a little confused but unharmed I move on.
Further on I notice there is a rise that starts to make me breathless,
I’m on a clifftop but well away from the edge,
Nearer to the drop are people walking aimlessly as though unaware of the fall just metres from their feet.
I look closer and there are fingers just visible at the very edge,
Clutching at the stones and grass…holding on but not for long.
I shout against the wind that has suddenly picked up
But no-one can hear me
I’m afraid to go closer to the cliffs
I look back toward the land and scream that I need help, there are people here who need help
No-one listens, people walk by without even stopping to look.
My words are drowned out by the wind.
I turn sharply back towards the cliffs
The fingers are gone and there are less people there standing.
Some are falling right from where they stand.
Some just disappear as though the wind took them.
I scream.
No-one hears.
I start to walk towards the edge.
It’s where I am drawn to.
It’s where the wind takes me.
No-one notices.
No-one tries to help me.
No-one cares.

Written by carolecarrick

December 16, 2013 at 12:19 pm

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