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Getting about…the least of his worries!

images (3) This article has been playing through my mind overnight.  


Especially these sentences:

“It’s not like incapacity benefit, it’s not a statement of sickness,” Mr Duncan Smith says of the benefit. “It is a gauge of your capability.
“In other words, do you need care, do you need support to get around. Those are the two things that are measured. Not, have you lost a limb?”

“But, can he guarantee that every person in a wheelchair will still get this benefit?
“Yes,” he says firmly before adding: “But, again I can’t jump the gun and say it, but my assumption is yes.”

Now I want to add something to this…

From this I get the impression that they believe being in a wheelchair is all about the ability to ‘get around’ Living with, caring for and speaking for my paraplegic husband I can quite categorically state that ‘getting around’ is the least of his worries.

His disability is far more complex than that.

It’s about his skin maintenance.

It’s about his incontinence both faecal and urinary…when was the last time IDS shat the bed!

it’s about his inability to walk

it’s about his inability to access places….2014 and he still can’t get in the local bank!

it’s about his inability to feel below his waist…zero…nothing…zilch!

it’s about his self worth in this fast paced perfection seeking society

it’s about planning and never being able to be spontaneous anymore

it’s about his sexual dysfunction

it’s about his pain in joints and muscles that are so overworked due to the paralysis in the lower half of his body…his upper half is fucked!

it’s about his emotional wellbeing.

it’s about his being able to stay clean

it’s about his not being as fit as he once was…not everyone can be a paralympian!

it’s about him aging with a spinal cord injury meaning everything ages faster than a healthy person…especially joints.

it’s about coping with the benefits system.

it’s about coping with the continual rise in disablity hate crime and attitudes towards those who are thought of as a ‘burden’

it’s the complete lack of understanding when it comes to public transport.

it’s about his right to be a worthwhile member of his community.

it’s about being a husband, a son, an uncle, a brother and being able to be part of his family not isolated and cut off.

it’s about so much more than the disability…it’s about the man…my husband who tries so hard every single day to be productive with all the shit that life has thrown at him, all he has to cope with including infections, cancer and migraines. He could not do any of this unaided or without DLA or ESA.

I am so proud of my husband …he laughs often and he works harder than any other man I know.

I’m telling you here and now IDS doesn’t give a flying fuck about disabled people getting the benefits they need to be able to be part of life and family and society…this man wants to withdraw all means and monies to disabled people.

Iain Duncan Smith is the sickest person in Government in my opinion.



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April 26, 2014 at 9:09 am

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