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What doctors used to believe but would be laughed at if they still did.

“What doctors used to believe but would be laughed at if they still did.”

I’m feeling very fragile today and into week four of my flu on top of ME…a very bad place to be and feeling weaker by the day considering how much resting I’m forced to do… it’s a bit worrying.

But because of the articles in today’s media about false illness beliefs and all the usual rubbish that the psychiatrists keep spewing out about ME, a thought occurred to me about things doctors used to believe in, that have been disproved, with the hope that soon…please very soon, it shall happen for this illness too.

This isn’t going to be any sort of intellectual article (have I ever done one of those lol) or even very detailed. Instead I’ll point you to someone else’s well written explanation or you can just take it as read and believe me that Doctors really DO NOT know everything…I don’t think they ever will and that they get so much badly wrong in all areas of medicine but none so more than in ME.

Just to make a comparison I want to mention five things Doctors believed in but would be laughed at if they still did.

Let’s also remember these were EXPERTS in their day.


Multiple Sclerosis was once believed to be female hysteria. Until the invention of the MRI scanner patients were forcibly detained in mental institutions, made to have hysterectomies and ridiculed by society…imagine how society would look upon this happening today with a very severe and life threatening illness. Oh it is you say, yes you’re right…it’s happening to virtually every ME patient in one form or another and like with MS until the science catches up then we have to fight daily for recognition.


Doctors once believed that female hysteria (which turned out to be many various ailments) could be cured by initiating orgasms…indeed no better way could we find to call Doctors ‘Wankers’


This was a while back but hygeine hadn’t been considered to very important in medicine (some would say it’s descending back that way again through ignorance) and surgeons would routinely operate on multiple patients causing cross infection and death along the way before some bright spark realised it was a bit stupid!


Shellshock/cowardice History shows us that all those hundreds if not thousands of men who lost their lives/ shot against a wall would be treated with care and compassion now with what is now called Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.


Doctors smoked cigarettes and some still do. I’ve no need to link to any evidence here that smoking is very bad for one’s health and therefore the Doctors that partake in it are in my opinion idiots too!

Doctors are not Gods!

Doctors cannot and do not know everything!

Even experts in whatever field are continually learning and being proved wrong.

Of course medicine has come a long way in the past two centuries, but sadly so many Doctors seems to now fall back on their laurels of having qualified umpteen years ago and fail to develop along with the medicine.

That is until it is it’s completely irrefutable and with biomedical research in to ME that’s when we are going to be able to say “Fuck You…I told you were are ill!”…treatment will follow soon after.

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January 14, 2015 at 4:42 pm

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